Day#3 of the Summer Solstice 10-continuous days of creativity challenge. This creative act is RELATING, TALKING, HAVING MEETINGS, MAKING PLANS, WRITING EMAILS, SHARING INFORMATION AND POWER. It was day with a bit more human interaction than usual.

I feel calm

I feel calm

I wanted to feel like this yellow person … but I felt my brain pulled in many directions, I couldn’t keep up with the activity. Different people, topics, stresses, pressures, juggling multiple realities.

too much going on

too much going on

And that’s my June solstice creative challenge post #3. How was yours?

1907664_10152336189766655_810051391484190004_nHappy Summer Solstice and to a CREATIVE CHALLENGE! From June 21st, the longest day of the year, we here at THE DAILY CREATIVE PRACTICE begin 10 days of continuous creativity! Post your creative work every day until the beginning of July. Share a work in progress, a completed work, a photo, an idea, an outline, science, cooking, dancing, being, celebrating, anything that expresses your creative process! Be sure to acknowledge other DCPers postings! Hallelujah!

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