Well factually, this post is about July and part of August, but I like the brevity of ‘July’.

And I like how ‘JulY’ looks, like two (or do you see three? four? more?) raised hands of ‘hurrah!’

Hurrah for life-long friends and living together powerful moments, both good, sad, challenging, empowering … Hurrah for the cosmic family — those people that you spend important annual celebrations, dates, events with. Hurrah for the resilience and creativity of the family of humanity.


in_balance     tacos

door  069+sunblockwalk.preview

‘July’ – ahhaaa – is one satisfying syllable of fond memories.  One month of near daily sunshine wasn’t bad either!

I was in Colorado, USA to see family for one week and three weeks in Mexico and some days in California, with my partner’s family.


… one month

I was away from home for more than a month, which at some point seemed like a long time. I missed the dog, and too many work and life distractions from ‘back home’ were still too near the forefront of my mind.

But then I crossed the border, headed South, and swiftly slipped down the slope of ‘now’. I lost track of time and focused on ‘now’. Right now. Paying full attention to who I was with and what we were doing.  Everything else would come later …

People in Mexico (and fair enough, other places too) put importance on being wholly present with you when you are together. The culture shows high value of relationships through quality of time together.

maya_ian_dd swirl

Re-connecting after years gone by, story-telling, checking-in and laughing a lot. Parties. Lots of parties. And lunches and breakfast gatherings. Dinners in and out. A wedding! Bus, train and car-travel. Driving. Walking in the forest. Mother Nature on the doorstep. Herb gardens. Dancing with words, memories, new ideas.

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catrina_4 cide casajulio la foto 1bdd_tortillas995030_10154436448355725_7726005979086736498_n06mothernature squirreltree desertlions rockofworrycupcake filler1fachada tonina crazyhorse-4 yumyum threeisme_2now11   now16033+xoyep.previewnow13


the blurry certainty of memories

JulYAnd moments of steady time and the ocassional quiet spots to do art – drawing and painting.

I didn’t take many photos on this journey, and I don’t know why, but I just don’t these days. Eventually (and already in fact) this July/August trip will become a blurry yet certain set of fixed memories. Experiences. Images, Perspectives. Memory. Mine, yours and ours. That’s how we all learn to live and see the way we do in this world.

I hope to see you all again soon before too many years have passed!


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