Welcome to my inner landscape. What’s yours like?


Hello, I’m Shamash …

Meet Shamash.

Shamash is one of Mother Nature’s earth angels and is part of all of us.

And as you might expect from an earth angel, Shamash can take many forms and appear at any moment. Shamash can also be very busy, and predictively, just when we need help the most, Shamash can be beyond sight and sound.



… push towards the light …

And that’s OK because Shamash’s tools are ones we all have too, and our mission is the same. Love, compassion (love’s answer to pain), mindfulness, and a belief in the ability of all of us to change and grow. That’s what life is about!

In Shadow Dance: Liberating the power and creativity of your dark side’ by David Richo, the very first words in the book ask — ‘Do you dare love what you have hated all your life?’ The book is about learning how to taste in small bites bits of our shadow and discovering how nourishing they are.


Shamash struggles with darkness, resisting and insisting, and forever pushing forward the light.



… nearly everything you will do to live mindfully and compassionately will seem insignifant

Doggedly, Shamash works day and night to wrap darkness, hurt, pain and isolation into a web of light, love, compassion and belief in change.


… but it’s important that you do it any way …

When the moment is right and the web is snug and tight, Samash hugs, tugs and pulls … yet even harder …..



every moment, every day is a chance for change … your personal change ripples beyond you to the social …

…. and good bye darkness, hello light, love, compassion and belief in change. Shamash, as the earth angel for life-travellers, protects us, and invites interesting and safe journeys marked with milestone and curiousity and openness.

Dare to do something different and see what happens …


Noticing and naming (un)healthy personal and social behaviour can be a step toward something new … when done in a way that buids relationships along lines of integrity and divesrsity. Healthy is shifting from a culture of being the one with the quickest and shapest critique to one committed to building relationsihps and seeking mutually accepatable resolutions or situations for all. In the right conditions, this can lead to well-being, broader perspective and groundedness.


Without consciousness and healing our organisations fall apart and our actions tend towards a repitation of the very oppression we are trying to change.



… unhealed childhood pain seems to be the key triggers for learning how to behave as oppressors and the oppressed …

Shamash is with all of us while we struggle with our own and the world’s darkness, trouble, strife, anger, and hurt. Some of us go numb and blind, denying anything is wrong. Others of us wait and wait and wait. We worry. We fear. We dream of a world with ‘better leaders’. What do ‘better leaders’ look like? Nicer, more entertaining speeches? More or less civil liberities, militarisation, equality and human rights for all? Higher or lower salaries for them? And what about us? You? me?


… unconscious pain is both individual and collective …

For too long now we’ve left our lives in other people’s hands and it’s time for that to stop. Today more than ever before is the time for ordinary people to wake up, come together and build the world we dream of now. No longer silently and passivley leaving our future in the hands of those whose use violence to distract, to intimidate, to keep things the same. Now’s the time for for us to use our tools of light, love, compassion and belief in change.


Gandhi quote

… Shamash invites you to walk the talk …

Where does our power come from to do this? One belief about power says ‘Where your fear lies, there also lies your power.’ Areas of your life particularly crushed and controlled by the dominant culture are going to be ones that frighten you or shame you. And the reason the dominant culture wants to crush and control them is because they are your sources of power.



Mindfulness, and compassion for ourselves and others creates conditions for healing and breaksdowns oppression locked inside individuals, this can ripple beyond me … to you … to the social

Hello, my name is Shamash. Shamahs is our inner power and potential we all have to connect, empathise, trust and grow. When humanity does that, great things happen.

Yee-haw !!

filler13want to know more?


Shadow Dance: Liberating the power and creativity of your dark side by David Richo. I read and did most of the exercises in this book during the three months I was in Kenya (2010) setting up a new nonviolence campaigning project. It was in Kenya that I began to introduce myself as an artist (ahh, always will be a sweet moment for me!). And this book was part of that journey. I recommend it! I am so grateful to my friend Kat for telling me about this book, thank you.


This story was inspired by a friend who went on a December solstice workshop to learn about ancient winter traditions around the world. Shamash is the ancient Assyrian sun god. Shamash did daily battle with darkness until re-emerging at dawn in the east and was viewed as the power of light over darkness.


You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon my work, as long as you credit me for the original creation and do not use for commercial purposes. You must use the same Creative Commons licence on any derivative works.

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