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new year, new stories

new year, new stories

December 2014 solstice is here. Another year is ending, and beginning. I can’t believe we’ve lived in Britain for 9 years.

A new year warrants new stories and I’ve had it on my to-do list for a while now to re-arrange my story boards in my work room. This has taken most of the afternoon and I still have (more) mess to deal with.

... on the horizon ...

… on the horizon …

As I dug through files, finding old favourite images and left some in place, I asked the images where they wanted to be placed and what messages they had for me, for 2015?

A set of images that I re-arranged were ones drawn in 2012/13, totem animals that visited again and again during this period. They bring us these thoughts for 2015.

… in 2015 remember …

North - action cat of the North says some day was yesterday, go! Now!

North – action cat of the North says some day was yesterday, go! Now!

Action cat says pay attention to what is going around me. What’s my purpose? What needs doing? Do it now. And take care of each other. I’m also taking care of myself.

West - adventure dragon says get out there and live life, but don't take it too seriously!

West – adventure dragon says get out there and live life, but don’t take it too seriously!

Adventure dragon says not good, not bad. It just is. Take in as much from life as I can. Collect experiences and share mine. Do as much as I can. Then pause, let it all soak in, reflect, evaluate, prioritise, eliminate. Repeat.


South – sensitive, slithery snake says go on! Feel (shed and heal) it all! It may hurt but you’ll be OK!

Slithery snake says pay attention to the details. How do I feel right now? What’s going on? What do I need? What is possible? What is on offer?

East - creative bird says life's the journey, stay open and keep exploring ...

East – creative bird says life’s the journey, stay open and keep exploring …

Creative bird says don’t prepare, just turn up and do something different! Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Do things in my discomfort zone and be ready for the challenges. Proceed boldly and positively with whatever results.

go inside and welcome the inner light

I remember when we first moved here from Mexico 9 years ago, I found the darkness and cold oppressive. Our

new year, new stories

new year, new stories

home was damp and life was odd. Simply feeding ourselves, for instance. At that time (before we’d discovered Growing Communities and the likes of all our wonderful community andl local produces) we bought fruit and vegetables at the supermarket, all wrapped in plastic. Clean. Perfect. And odd.

But I’ve stayed with it. Asked myself what’s my purpose here? And I try to do as much as I can, stretching myself too. No same old same old for me!

Want to know more?

One of the many thing I’ve learned to do for myself over the years in these months of darkness to cheer me, strip down one reading list and prepare me for whatever’s next during the end of year pause is to buy a stack of new books. Fiction, non-fiction, picture books, whatever. Books are about life or somebody’s life … and what mine is and could be! Right now I am reading through some of the ones I bought last year.


One of these is Improv Wisdom: Don’t prepare, just show up by Patricia Ryan Madson, a light, easy, fun read.


And simultaneously (why not, it’s the holidays! I have the time) another (new) book: The Domesticated Brain by Bruce Hood

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