hobbies and life

The days of 2015 are becoming history. One of my ‘hobbies’


2015 is becoming history

during 2015 has been translating from Spanish to English short essays from Eduardo Galeano’s book ‘Children of the days’. I do it for fun, to keep up my translation skills and to also play with expressing myself in my mother tongue (English), and to contemplate ‘life’. Here’s today’s.

26 December: The journey to the sea

In times gone past, the sons of the sun and the daughters of the moon lived together in the African kingdom Dohamey.

smallmoon and sun

live far apart

And there they lived hugging and quarrelling until the gods separated them and condemned them to live far apart.

Ever since, the sons of the sun are fish in the sea, and the daughters of the moon are the stars in the night sky.



stars do not fall from the sky

Star fish do not fall from the sky, but travel down from the sky to look for their lost lovers in the water.


life in 2016

I like Galeano, that’s why I do these translations and I also like trying to find meaning to fit my situation in whichever essay i select.

In this vingette, I find myself a star fish falling from the (dark and wintery) sky of London to the sunny, seaside of Valencia, Spain, where in 36 days-time I’ll call home. I am following Ian, my life partner of 13 years. Unlike the characters in Galeano’s story we haven’t been banished, we are following our own will and moving on …  though he has paid work lined up and I don’t (yet). So i guess that makes me the starfish and him the star.

progress without pressure and pain

Without pressure and plan, I just did translations ocassionally this last year, about one per month, well nearly. Hurrah for setting goals low or not at all ( … and still showing up to do something)! This worked for me in 2015. Next year however, with a nod to moving to a predominantly Spanish-speaking environment (Valencia, Spain) I am going to step it up a bit. From now on and in 2016, I will translate (and post at least) once a week (for fun) these essays (or something).

I expect the meaning of ‘keeping up my Spanish’ is going to change dramatically in 2016 from playing with translations to working bilingually with purpose every day. When the pace of my new life catches up with me, I’m not sure if this will be a realistic (or helpful) goal but it is something to keep in mind, while I follow my star.


26 diciembre: El viaje al mar

En los tiempos idos, los hijos del sol y las hijas de la luna vivían juntos en el reino africano de Dohamey.

Y juntos vivieron, abrazándose, peleándose, hasta que los dioses los apartaron y los condenaron a la lejanía.

Desde entonces, los hijos del sol son peces en el mar y las hijas de la luna son estrellas en la noche.


Las estrellas de mar no caen del cielo: desde el cielo viajan. Y en las aguas buscan a sus amantes perdidos.


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