omg! i can see


how many birds do you see?

Today I picked up a new pair of glasses, and wow (and hurrah!) I can see (again)!

Maybe you’ve had this experience of wearing glasses to see things at a distance, and then one day noticing you frequently take your glasses off to see things close up, such as a label or the screen of your phone.

I hadn’t noticed, but at my annual eye exam last year, after I had done a few rounds reading the lines of letters, the doctor pushed back the machine and asked me if I frequently found myself taking my glasses on/off to read or see things at a distance. I had to think about it, and I wasn’t sure, but yeah, sure, maybe I did.


and here?

Well he told me, according to my eye test, and while it wasn’t a big deal, I probably did, and it was time to think about getting varifocal (also called progressive) lens glasses. These lenses are the new technology replacing the bifocals that my parents and grandparents wore. Now there is no noticeable  line on the lens, and the progressive gradient of the lens makes it easier for our brains and eye muscles to adapt to. The optometrist encouraged me to get these varifocal glasses then, saying  that making the change earlier,  would make it easier to adapt. He said, as my reading vision decreases my brain would only struggle more to adapt to the new lenses, now the gap was smaller and easier to bridge.

:o( boo to that idea

I wasn’t very keen on that idea:  varifocals, progressive lenses, or whatever you called them brought to mind bifocals, which is what ‘old people’ wear! I asked some eye-glass-wearing friends about their experience and advice about this sort of vision problem. I found


what’s your strategy for seeing clearly?

two who had the same situation. One solves the seeing/reading glasses dilemma by having four pairs of glasses, one set each of clear and dark lenses for reading/seeing. Four (!) pairs, no that wasn’t a solution I wanted either. The other friend said the system of taking on and off had worked fine for him for years, and he didn’t have any plans to change it. That sounded good to me too. But what about the constant misplacing of his glasses, did he have that problem? ‘Nope’ he said pointing at his head where his glasses sat. Yep, that’s the system for me too I thought, though I never did quite get fully into the habit of storing them on my head and when I did more often than not, they slid off, and still got misplaced.

life change, sun shine, and eye sight

Fast forward to Valencia. Six weeks ago we arrived here from London and the intense sunlight, while welcome, has been bothersome. My eyes water, yet are dry and itchy and I don’t have prescription sunglasses so the option is wear my glasses and squint (and not really see all that clearly), or ordinary sunglasses, and similarly still not see things in the distance. Additionally the off/on with the glasses method for reading/seeing too was getting out of hand in the mess of living in limbo where nothing really had its place yet. I probably said a dozen times a day, ‘have you seen my glasses?’ and actually finding them on my own was a double challenge because I don’t see well without them!


I love my new glasses and they are 4 in 1

So last week, I decided to embrace this life change on the level of eye-wear, and went and was fitted for a pair of progressive lens glasses, also with (a-ha, ever-thinking ahead) photochromic lens so they will darken and clear up according to the light level.

smgreen_heartIn a word: LOVE. I love my new glasses. In a way they remind me about – change and embracing change, acceptance and accepting aging, and being open to devices or technology that can make that journey more pleasant. Avoiding the progressive lens glasses didn’t make me any younger, and in fact was a hindrance because I couldn’t see a lot of the time, and I felt absent-minded hunting around for my glasses.

Welcome change, welcome my acceptance of older eyes, welcome sunshine, and hurrah for varifocal, photochromic lenses.



hurrah too for blue skies and sunshine :o)





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