resistance and renewal

Another Galeano translation, and (still) thinking about the murder of Berta Cáceres earlier this month and the on-going illegal detention of Gustavo Castro by the Honduran


repression grows resistance, and resistance with love grows light

authorities. And the horror of the attacks in Brussels earlier this week.

The world is and has been cracking open for some years now, and shows no sign of stopping. I fear the violence will only grow worse, yet when and as it does, resistance and the new world grows stronger too. At least that’s what I’ve seen in my lifetime.

‘Business as usual’ is in crisis. The ‘boogey man’ behind the iron curtain has disappeared, and in fact a whole generation of young people don’t even have the spectre of communism as a cultural/political reference. They have the ‘war on terror’.

Fortunately, all of us also have the nonviolent social justice movements of Latin America (past, present and future) as cultural and political beacons. Movements are made up of ordinary people – like Gustavo, like Berta – working together doing the little and best we can. And if they kill us or scare us away, more of us will come. That’s just the way it is.


nonviolent social power is growing

the past is present

Galeano writes about the murder of 4 Mayan women in 1936 in this vignette. These women were ancestors and sisters to the Zapatistas. Same territory, same struggle, and nearly one hundreds later the Mayan struggle for freedom and justice is still here and has grown enormously bigger and more organised locally and globally.

I know it doesn’t see like it most days, especially when they murder someone like Berta, but I think these are signs that the tide is turning against injustice and oppression. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of work to do, but nonviolent power locally and globally is growing, the size and wallop of repression is an indication of this.


26 march:  mayan liberators

On this night in 1936, Felipa Poot, a Mayan woman was stoned to death in the town of Kinchil.

Three compañeras Mayans were also killed in the stoning, women who had fought alongside Felipa against sadness and fear.

They were killed by “the divine caste”, which is what those who owned the land and the people of the Yucatan called themselves.

26 marzo:  libertadores mayas

En esta noche en 1936, fue muerta a pedradas Felipa Poot, indígena maya, en el puebo de Kinchil.

En la pedrea, cayeron con ella tres compañeras, también mayas, que a su lado luchaban contra la tristeza y el miedo.

Las mató la casta divina, como se llamaban a sí mismos los dueños de la tierra y de la genta de Yucatán.

we are seeds

We are still mobilising and demanding Gustavo’s safe return and livelihood in Mexico, as well as for the “compas” carrying on Berta’s work in Honduras especially, but everywhere.


They tried to bury us, but little did they know we are seeds and we will keep coming back.

1 april 2016 Gustavo up-date


Thanks for all your support, after 24 days of illegal detention, Gustavo is returning to Mexico

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