solstice december 2016

It’s the time of year for reflecting on the past and planning for the new year. This year I’m going even a bit deeper than usual because while evaluating this first year in Valencia, I’m also trying to remember how the ten years in London unfolded. Bumpy at first, and slow to get going, by the end though, I was involved in rewarding, (sometimes) fun and powerful work, projects and community initiatives, with terrific new (and now ‘old’) friends.

What lessons can I learn? What do I want to do different this time around? Who am I now, and who do I want to be?

big questions


a work in-progress

Rather than ruminate over that now, one, because I don’t know what to say as I haven’t yet figure it out, and two, because I’m taking this reflection to another level, I’ve made the ‘solstice gallery I’.

I reviewed my art files to find images or things I have created over the years to mark this time of year.

As I write this, this year’s image is not yet complete, but it’s a pair of blue and purple eyes. My December 2016 solstice project is about remembering and learning from the past, and using what I understand to plan the future. One of the tools I’m using are my ‘eyes’ I’ve made over the years.

art and magic

Sadly I don’t have copies or actual pieces for every year. Some of that is my disorder, and some of that is because as art, the pieces have served their purpose. The purpose was the creative process, and then they’ve hung around, or been burned, or planted, or otherwise modified into something else. And either I forgot to document the piece before the event, or I did, but can’t find it now.

And that’s OK. I make art to make art, and for art to then do whatever it needs to do. Sometimes that is simply to disappear and slowly begin to release the magic.

the solstice gallery I

the fire within – 2015

These are sketches from my morning doodle practice. Eventually they transformed into a shadow image with fire, butterfly and skull, the fire within.

north, south, west, east – 2014

I use a lot of workshop tools in my own life. I’m a process group work geek like that. SMART goals, river of life for identifying patterns, mantras for grounding, yep. I use them because they work. This 2014 solstice I was trying to find a better balance within myself by using a tool I learned from Training for Change. The animals are my addition, they help me keep the categories in mind. Here I was looking within to find my patterns of

  • north-taking action (the cat),
  • south-being in touch with my and others’ feelings (the snake),
  • west-obsessing with logic and gathering data/research (the dragon)
  • and east-cultivating creativity (the bird).

exit plan – 2013


I don’t always follow my plan, but I like to have one

This was the year to decide what to do next. Change my job? Move countries? We’d just moved house earlier in 2013, but some thing else also needed to change. I made a series of sign posts throughout 2014 to help guide me in forming my exit plan.


darkness brings light – 2012


darkness, light and life

The title says it all. Add water and seeds and you’ve got life!

standing stones in winter – 2006


stones at solstice time

No doubt inspired by our recent arrival in London, I called the 2006 solstice image ‘standing stones in winter’. One friend asked me why there were green aliens in the sky. They are not aliens, they are my signature green hearts.

And that’s it for now. The images/pieces for 2007 to2011 are missing, but are still here some where, some how. Because I’m here.

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