… until next time …

new year, new (old) blog

Until” has already come!

I stand by the decision I made at the end of year to set the blog aside to make room for other things, mainly focusing on the little Zapatista book.


the Alpujarras

Then ooofffffppp!!! a few days away from it all, in the mountains, at the sea, with friends and all the spirit of new year, new projects, new visions,  I thought:  I’ll  use the blog as a space to share my journey working on the little Zapatista book. Or at least I give that a go and see what happens.

the creative process

A big part of writing this book is simply absorbing all the information I can about the current situation, and trawling back over the past to write vignettes about key Zapatista concepts, events, history, … which I will now turn my hand to do.

Meanwhile, one of the resources about current events I look forward to receiving each month, the monthly Zapatista news summary.

Zapatista News Summary for December 2016     

From the compas Dorset Chiapas Solidarity, click on link below for full news.


Zapatista and CNI News  

1. The Convocation to the Second phase of the Fifth National Indigenous Congress is issued jointly by the…

For full news click here Zapatista News Summary for December, 2016

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