at home 2 – fallas

20170301-Mascletas (1)Three years ago I experienced fallas for the first time. I had mixed feelings. I still have mixed feelings, but at least they are growing in complexity and nuance.

first year – wow, fallas

That first year, I can see how I was curious and open fallas, but I was also vaguely fixed on the idea that I wouldn’t like them. They are too noisy.


The sculptures, the party, music, costumes were also astonishing, impressive. Something to be seen to believe. But it was noisey and wow, all that money up in smoke every day in the màscleta. An estimated 10,000 euros each time. Nuts!

year two – OK, it’s fallas again

sm_fallasThe second year, March 2017, I knew I didn’t like them, but I also had to admit that they seemed less noisy. The new mayor had created controls over the number of days and hours when there could be fire crackers and other events.

He also encouraged the artists to make the sculptures from paper and bamboo rather than polystyrene. I know, good move, huh?

We tried to get away for the last 4 days of the fiesta, but didn’t manage to because of Ian’s workload. So I still didn’t like fallas.

year three — ¡México!

Last year I was in Mexico, so I have no observations in particular, except it was wonderful to be in Mexico … and to miss fallas.

year four — acceptance

tobeornottobe_0024.previewThis year, cycling home one night through the gun powder, the lights, the construction of the fallas, the party-goers, I passed rows and rows of portable toilets and I thought — I have a choice. I can continue to put energy into finding the fallas unpleasant or I can accept that they are not good, not bad, they just are. And they will come around once a year. They have for about 500 years, the situation is not going to change.

And so that’s where I am with fallas. With transition and adaptation to this aspect of the local culture.


And this year we managed to get away for the last few days of the holiday to picture perfect, and quiet (!!!) Peñiscola. So it wasn’t bad at all. I loved fallas this year!


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