moved by the surroundings

I was recently in the mountains. In Catalonia. Doing what I do there. Sitting on a rock staring at the landscape, sometimes going for walks. But most of the time I was teaching or simply holding space for the participants to do the deep work they came there to do. Whatever that may be and however they do it.


This last course was about regenerative activism and self and collective practices that help to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit while doing social justice work for the long-haul. Yee-haw!

It was a lovely and interesting course, good people as usual, the weather a bit iffy, but we got through it. But this post isn’t about the course. It’s about the tarot.


tarot as daily reflection

During the last two weeks I’ve been on the periphery of conversations and reflections about the tarot, people who are studying the cards and using them as tools of self reflection. I never joined in a conversation, it was just a buzz around me. Have you ever had that sensation about a topic? Or issue? It’s just in the air. An open and silent invitation.

What would you like to know more about? Come closer, join the conversation …

On the train ride home, staring out the window, I thought, yes, that tarot deck, I’ll dig that out and see what I find.

tarot from a time ago

I bought the tarot cards to complement a Halloween costume for a party at an institute where I taught in Yokohama, Japan some years ago, in the mid-1990s. I went as a fortune teller, equipped with tarot cards and a crystal ball. The faculty hosted the party and we all offered some kind of treat, prize or service to the student body. Mine was to read tarot cards.



My deck is the Tarot of the Witches and the images and figures are surreal, pretty and colorful. I wasn’t that keen on them when I bought them, they were simply all Tokyu Hands had in stock. But since then I’ve really come around to appreciating the artwork and love the cards.


My study plan so far is simply pulling a card each day and reflecting on its meaning, history and trying to connect with it personally. Appreciating its beauty and noticing what it brings up for me. Tarot is tarot, and it’s also about archetypes and the stories we tell ourselves, and lots of other things.


I’m on day three. My plan is also to draw the card and keep some notes. Quick sketches and bullet point lists. Nothing fancy. We’ll see. It’s a big learning project for something that just dropped out of the sky. But sometimes sudden passion is like that. Sometimes I don’t know I need something until it appears and says “Hello, here I am! I think you’ve been looking for me.”


Check back here soon to see how it’s going. Love and light, thank you reading.


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