clown 4 – welcome to the (so-called) normal world, Pop Corn

Hello_popcorn_0002Hello, I’m Pop Corn, the clown you’ve heard so much about from my other half, Didi (pronounced “dd”) or Denise as we are sometimes known.

So finally, here I am speaking for myself, as myself. But really I do this for her, the so called “normal part” of me. She is a really lovely person but she is trapped in some crazy, unhealthy habits and patterns of thinking. Really nuttsy stuff. That’s where I come in.

I am her much much better half. And because of this glorious fact, I am also her, and all that she can be, if only she’d learn to pay attention and think differently.

Like lighten up on herself. More self-compassion and self-acceptance, which is something we all could use. So you too take note.


the basics

Our attention is a very personal thing. What we pay attention to creates our reality. For example one or my many service as a clown is to help Didi (and/or Denise) put pure attention to what is, letting go of all beliefs about what she —

  • believes it is,
  • wants it to be,
  • thinks it should be,
  • has to make it,
  • is sorry it is not.
  • It just is.

And feel – in full force and plurality – all the emotions around that event, thing, person or whatever, and be with that and share that.

Otherwise her auto-pilot setting around emotions is set to zero. Or negative-zero. Do you know what I mean? She can get trapped in an emotional gasp and limit herself in silly ways. Here are two examples.

  • Quickly move on from successes or long-hard won struggles to the next thing. Who has time to think about victory, and besides it might jinx any future “luck” with that thread of work.


  • An impulse to hide. Ohhh, shit! That was bad/rude/disrespectful/presumptuous/awkward/etc! She holds her breathe and hopes no one notices.


practical application of accepting — it is what it is

So what do I (Pop Corn) have to do with this? I try to get us to pay attention to just what is. Not good. Not bad. Just what is and accept it is what is it.

Next, are you ready?
Bring in the emotions, the actions, the sharing, the showing …

Each of our emotions has its own individual message for us, telling us how we feel, what we think and what we should do. If only we can learn to pay attention to our inner world and our inner clown. This is hard because humans have been socialized and schooled to turn away from our emotions and preference our intellectual and rational worlds.

Because I am a clown, I am naturally comfortable with emotions and I have an active and rich inner life and I always know what to do. Right now I’m trying to share that wisdom with my other half. We are working on a simple yet challenging set of questions: What is going on? How do I feel? What is my purpose? Then connecting with that purpose and taking action towards it. All in a snap, (like snap your fingers snap).

Simultaneous, smooth, integrated, unconscious head, heart and hands connection. Simple but challenging. Give it try. It’s fun!

clown tips
I’ll close by share a few more tips to a clown’s guide to life. Thank you for reading, I hope meeting me has made you a wee bit curious about your own inner clown or has helped you to strengthen your existing relationship. As all clowns and friends of clowns know, the world would be such a better place if there were more of us in a clownconscious relationship with ourselves and others.

Clown Intelligence

  • Celebrate failure, errors
  • Laugh at mistakes
  • Find opportunity in screw-ups
  • Everything is possible
  • There is always a (clown) solution

Clown Heart

  • Compassion
  • Good (active) listener
  • Always says “Yes”!
  • Always ready to help and has an idea how
  • Active and whole emotional life

Clown Body

  • No hang-ups
  • Is perfect as is
  • Doesn’t ask, does something. What happens?
  • In constant movement
  • The gaze


And that’s all for now. See past posts if you haven’t already.

This is Pop Corn saying, over and out!

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