renewable energy and earth day

220px-The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

And last night I watched a documentary about how we are failing ourselves and the earth called Planet of the Humans and I urge you to watch the film NOW. Or as soon as you can.

The main premise is about how renewable energies have been coopted by Wall Street. In other words greenwash.

audrelorde38598541._SX318_Nothing really new there. As Audre Lorde wrote “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.”

Technological fixes may be part of the solution but serious, commited personal and collective lifestyle and attitude-change into action are absoultely essential. Without them we are sentenced to repeat the same old patterns.

historysburdenIt’s not often that I feel compelled to plug a film and badger everyone I know about it. Ironically I think one of the last ones was called The Power of Community:  How Cuba Survived Peak Oil, which is now dated (it was produced in 2006), but still has interesting ideas, especially vis-a-vie Planet of the Humans.

change your realitySo I want to be brief so you can click right over to watch the film.

Enjoy the film(s) and can’t wait to hear about what you plan to do. I am still figuring mine out, but one of the first things is to tell EVERYONE about this film and start a converation. Change after all begins with awareness.

In a nutshell and more …

Planet of the Humans – documentary

Recording of the Q & A Live Stream with the film’s production team

A Burning Truth In “The Planet of the Humans” – NPR podcast about the controversial Michael Moore film “The Planet of the Humans

The Power of Community:  How Cuba survived Peak Oil – documentary

The full Audre Lorde quote:

audre_lorde_portrait18486“For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change. Racism and homophobia are real conditions of all our lives in this place and time. I urge each one of us here to reach down into that deep place of knowledge inside herself and touch that terror and loathing of any difference that lives here. See whose face it wears. Then the personal as the political can begin to illuminate all our choices.”




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