wasp – the wisdom of being stung

I was stung by wasps twice this summer. The first time I simply didn’t know there was an underground nest. I stepped through the gap in the shrubs at the end of our garden plot towards the path.

Ouch and more ouch! And lots of swearing. Turned out I had several stings on my left ankle and lower leg.

The second time, about a month later, I forgot and stepped through the gap while also thinking, “Oh shit! Not here, this where the wasps’ nest is.” But it was fine. The day was cooler, all good. I assumed. I hadn’t been stung. Then I saw I’d left my gardening gloves on the side of the plot and I went back through the same gap to get them.

Bad idea.

It may be the wasps were stiller because of the cool weather, but they did not like me stepping there, and twice! Oh no. They registered their dis-accord with several painful stings, which led me to reflect on and reaffirm that it is true, even the tiniest of us have a lot of power!

I felt silly, negligent about my health. Duh. But at least I knew what to expect in the healing process. The stings were uncomfortable for about 4 days and I also experienced swelling. Within a week my leg was back to normal. Swimming in the sea provided a lot of relief.

I was also grateful that it had been a different leg each time.

Then a few weeks ago, around the autumnal equinox I got curious about what folk wisdom had to say about wasp stings. So I did an internet search. I read several pages and these were the points (more or less) they had in common.

the message in a wasp sting

Wasp says,

“… there are many parts of our lives we don’t like and events we wished hadn’t happened … “

Wasp is a powerful female warrior and shamanic healer.

She says,

“… Take a look at your life! Are you fighting the good fight? Wake up! Do your spiritual work! Be true to yourself! …”

Wasp gives great protection to those wise enough to let her do her thing. Do not disturb her nest. Wasp only approaches people committed to peace.

Wasp shows up when we are learning to bridge the duality of life and death, or going through a personal healing crisis or life-affirming transformation.

Wasp is serious but teaches us to laugh at ourselves.

Wasp says,

“… Pay attention to what you do and why. Resistance to change is self-sabotage …”

Wasp says,

“… It’s time to let yourself believe that all your dreams can come true!”

It’s a powerful message, and I publish it today, a full moon day, to remind myself to work on some stuff. And to do it before the next full moon, 31 October.

And thank you wasp for your teachings, protection and accompaniment.

2 thoughts on “wasp

  1. Ha ha ha ha wasp only approaches those committed to peace. Good one. I’d say wasp only stings people who come into its territory. I’m glad you researched wasp stings. Well done Missy! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. yes, defos on the self-defense against invaders. clueless invaders. maybe our pain, the reaction to the sting, is one of the ways we can acknowledge the pain we inflict on mother earth. it has made me on a little more alert!

    thanks for reading and commenting, tara, huge hugs. xoxoox

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