gender revealreally?

Did you see the news about the guy in New York state and how he accidentally blew himself up while building a gender reveal device for an up-coming party.

Tragic. Totally tragic. I am sorry for him, his family and friends, and the soon to be born baby. So sad.

Yet, really? It is also sad and tragic that parents are so intent on carrying on with these parties and designing such dangerous gadgets to entertain the guests and announce the biological sex of their baby.

I don’t wish for a world where we all believe the same or like the same things, but I do wish for a world where we agree on some points of basic shared humanity. Like we are different but equal and deserving of the same treatment.

All people, wherever we are in the constellations of masculinities and femininities and everything in between and beyond are different in how we express who we are, but equal in that we are all humans.

One way to demonstrate that is to simply welcome a new person into the family instead of inventing certain future male or female identities for these little people.

Can you imagine if we tried to do this with personality traits?

Personality reveal parties: will the child be generous or greedy? Loving or closed-off and hateful? Humorous or serious and dry? Extroverted and easy-going or introverted and reserved?

Yeah, right. See what I mean?

This tragedy is not the first. There have been other deaths. Google it and see for yourself.

And in case you missed it one of the 2020 California wildfires was attributed to gender reveal plans gone wrong.

How about we just stop with this gender reveal nonsense?


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This has been Popcorn’s Pages: observations and questions from a cosmic clown in-training to become a sacred clown. Watch this space, Popcorn may soon have her own blog.

Hasta la vista, people, thanks for reading.

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