something new

This summer I have tried something new: making stickers using my art work. It’s simple really, I send the images to the printers, and there, they are reduced to fit nine per page of A4 size paper and then printed in color on adhesive paper. At home I cut them out.

practical solution

It started out as a practical solution. I began running these clown and nature connection courses and did a few other events. At some point I invite the participants, after warming-up and a bit of play, to wake up to their inner clown. This “wake up call” is typical clown territory, and in the classes I take, we clowns bring our own red noses.

But most of the people taking part in my workshop are exploring this idea of “clown” for the first time and they most likely don’t (yet) have clown noses. So I decided I would make a red nose sticker that could serve the purpose. It could be placed on the mask on top of the nose, or stuck to the shirt.

It was a way to present the nose, have it accepted, acknowledged and affixed as a way of ritual, a portal in to the world of their clown. I made some the size of a business card and some smaller but still discernible as red noses.

why not?

Then it occurred to me, why stop there? I have lots of great clown images that would also make nice stickers, and I could share them after the workshop as a souvenir of the experience. So I choose seven, I added text to some and others I let the picture tell the story.

I also included the red nose sticker along with the others for people to take away. And which sticker do you think was the most popular, the one most frequently taken?

If you guessed the red nose, you are right.

Accounting for the ones people wore during the course, and again and again (I have done this four times so far) the red nose is the favorite. The abstract clown and the butterfly are close second favorites after the red nose. The first time I offered my stickers no one took the green clown dancer, which I think is curious because she is delightful.

inspired and why not more?

Soon I began printing more, and letting it all go loose, some that have nothing to do with clown-life. My total collection currently stands at 17 stickers. I just like them, here’s a few more.

around the neighborhood

The next step has been to take these works of art to the streets and find good places for their display. Sign posts work quite well and drain pipes outside of buildings. Anywhere with a clean, flat surface. You’d be surprised at how much street fixtures and furniture have a slightly rough finish. Stickers do not affix well to that sort of surface.

Next I have told my neighbors and friends about my public art initiative and I invite them to spot my work. When they do, they often take a picture, tell me and we all feel happy and satisfied.

Joy: that’s the prize of this little game. My sister said I am beautifying the neighborhood, which is kind, but a bit of a stretch. Yet I certainly don’t think they detract.

And yes, they do get ripped down or people write on them, so what? It gives me pleasure to put them up and to come across them again.

So keep your eyes open, you never know when our paths might cross. And remember, you might not see me, but you might see my sticker art!

hey, hey, one more thing:

If you are reading this and you’re in Valencia, please come and join the next clown and nature connection workshop.

2 thoughts on “stickers

  1. Fun to read Denise! I support your affixing stickers on public spaces. Creative! If you feel like spending some money on postage, I’d love to have some! Big hugs! Tara

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