One of the few certainties in life is change. We wake up, the day goes by and things happen. Some people go to work, others to the supermarket, mall, park, school, or hospital. Babies are born, people die, war breaks out. Pandemics come and go. Change, change, change.

My daily mediation practice is one way I try to navigate change and help myself. Then if I have also made other healthy choices, I am well resourced and able to be there for others. I’ll be honest with you, it’s been tough lately. If you’re reading this, you’re also alive in the world and know the litany of tragic things happening. And then we all have our own daily joys and struggles.

Practice on the cushion is as important to me as is the application of the practice. I try to bring that quality of attention to the rest of my day.

Most people think of meditation as sitting on a mat, but if you do it “right” meditation creates a lens to view the world all day long.

It is sharpened by short, active practices while doing every day stuff, like observing my breathing while walking the dog, waiting at the bus stop or washing dishes. It’s also awareness and attentiveness to my own inner life when in conversation with others. How do I feel right now? Am I judging? Why does “X” make me feel uncomfortable? Or anxious? Or whatever, how do I feel?

I am not perfect and I rarely get it right, but being in touch with this inner life and trying to weave into real life is one way I try to practice compassion and live authentically. Freely and fully me.

For the last two years I have been working an introduction to settle and guide my meditation that I designed to nurture my relationship with my inner child. When I sit down to meditate first I settle the brain and body and then state clearly why I do this and to get in touch with the emotions behind the words. And then the practice begins of observing body, breath, whatever for the next however length of time begins. I generally sit for 45 minutes.

As far as things go, the work with my inner child seems to have moved one, and I started to be-friend my inner teen.

And oh my god, I need help! Who can help me?

My inner mother, my elder, my essence seemed the most obvious choice and are who I have asked.

So I honored the time with my inner child with a ritual that transitioned to working with this maternal energy. I wrote a new “mantra” to welcome and settle me into daily meditations.

And I don’t know if they don’t want to use it. Or if I don’t want to change, but even though I have dismantled the altar and created a new one, the previous images and the messages remain there when I sit down each day.

I have stopped trying to fight it. It’s spring time, another fresh start to the year. Let me embrace what I can’t let go of! That’s what Pop Corn would do, she told me so.

Maybe there’s enough change and challenge in the world, that some worn and old worlds are actually comforting, I don’t need a new series of statements. Use the same ones and focus on different energy.

Anyhow, that’s all. This has been on mind and maybe it will move on now and something else will take up residence. Like concentrated energy on the inner mother, instead of worrying about whether I’m doing it “right”.

In the beginning I said change is one of the only certain things in life, so is getting trapped in cycles, patterns, habits you would rather not have.

Thanks for reading, happy equinox and spring time in the northern hemisphere and autumn to southern hemisphere readers!

A life is a gift

This post is dedicated to maternal energy, spirits and persons.

Rest in Power Alana Green Macdonald, Ian’s mother, who died earlier this week, 15 March. She lived in joy, on the side of justice and with strength and determination. She loved, was loved and will be missed.

Rest in Power Dolores Jane Kinney Drake, my mother who died today 21 years ago, and she too loved, was loved and is missed.

Want to know more?

Bethany Webster – teacher and expert in the mother wound

Life is a call to adventure and both Alana and Dolores passed that on to both of us in their own ways. Gratitude for healthy maternal energy, and welcome and befriending to the unhealthy energies working them to heal and be transformed.

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