act, believe, change


go beneath the surface ... to explore ...

go beneath the surface … to explore …

what’s act, believe, change about?

  • ordinary life and art, and the art of ordinary life,
  • and going beneath the surface to explore attitudes, actions, beliefs and dreams,
  • all in hopes for deep, long-lasting personal (and social) change.

‘We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art, and the art of words.’

Ursula LeGuin

small_all nine

small, bright, colourful, folksy images invite you to …



embrace curiosity

Just like we don’t always know what life will bring, this blog invites you with small colourful, folksy images into short posts whimsically titled with one, two or three words to consider the world around us. The titles are related, but not in an obvious way. If you are looking for something specific or want ~ at a glance ~ to know what the post is about, look at the tags.


solidarity and peace with justice

This blog is also about working locally and globally with grassroots groups organising for a world of peace with justice and greater equality. Whether that’s in our interpersonal relationships with family/friends, at work, or in the groups and social movements we’re part of, more empathy, solidarity, creativity and nonviolent action can help us to bring about the world we dream of NOW!




What are your tools?


my tools

For me that has means slowing down, learning to not ‘know it all’, trying not to manage or force others to follow my will. To be open and curious to whatever happens, meditation and my daily creative practice (drawing and writing) are my tools for doing this. And in this blog I share what I discover on this journey.


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a wee bit about me

My name is dd (or “didi” as pronounced in Spanish), or simply ‘D’, or more formally Denise and


big hello, I’m dd …

Hi, I'm dd, author of this blog

… author of this blog

since February 2016, I live in Valencia, Spain, and before that lots of places in between. Read the blog and discover where!

I do informal adult education.

I do local organising and international solidarity work. One particular passion is the Zapatista movement in Mexico and seeking to understand what their experiment can teach me and the groups I’m part of.

I enjoy drawing and painting, reading and writing. I am a visual person, I see and understand the world through images, colours and symbols. I like words and language, and translating from Spanish to English.

I have a dog.

My favourite colour is green.

I’m really more of a mountains person than a beach-person, but the sea-scape is growing on me, and in Valencia the mountains are nearby, making it the perfect place to be now.

thank you

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy both the text, tools and images I use to describe my journey.

And what about you? In what ways are you the change you wish to see in this world? A lot of the good ideas and healthy practices I consider my own are adapted from lessons I learn from others.

Leave a comment and let me know your impression. I look forward to hearing from you.



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