red_questionmarkq and a with Pop Corn

What’s the story behind your name? Are you called Pop Corn because you love pop corn (the snack food)?

white_fullstopIt’s true, I love pop corn, yes. But equally, with that logic, I could be called ramen, tacos, cheese scones, chocolate chip mint ice cream. Or spinach. I love them too.

I am called Pop Corn just because I am. When the name occurred to me, it clicked. I a-ha’ed. I knew my name was Pop Corn and that it always had been. I also like that it works in Spanish too. “Palomitas” is a good clown name.

Pop Corn. Despite its fluffy appearance there’s power in the name. Corn, or maize, is resistance, survival and renewal for many indigenous communities. It is what has kept them alive and their cultures thriving for more than five hundred years. And then there’s “pop pop” — the sound of transformation, of the kernel changing into a white, light bit of happy food.

Pop corn may not sustain us, like a corn tortilla will, but it will put a smile on our face.

And that is the work of Pop Corn in this world, finding smiley ways to go “pop pop”, and going “pop pop” with others and supporting others’ own smiley expression of “pop pop”. But that seems like another topic. So I’ll stop. Here.


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