Let’s play together!

The practice of clowning is an incredible way to get to know ourselves,how we treat ourselves and others; to notice our tendencies, our coping strategies, flaws as well as our humanity, beauty and unique character.

Clowning is a tool, available to everyone, which can help us to be the change we wish to see in the world. And it is all that much more fun when done with others. So come on! Join me.

Here’s what I offer. (The list is short now, come back soon. I am adding content)


New Life, New Shoes

Change. We all have beliefs about how change comes about.

Maybe you think getting married will change your life, or maybe it’s that new job, or an academic degree, now we call you doctor! Or moving cities or countries or moving from a house to a houseboat, from a flat to a treehouse!

No matter what you think, it’s all true but it’s all different too. So what is true for you about change, may not be true for me. What is true for me, may not be true for you.

But no matter what you think, one thing that is all true for all of us is ….

It’s our feet that make all change possible. Yep, our 10 toes, ankles and feet bones all work in coordination to walk us out and on towards our change.

And that’s where clown magic comes in! Contact me if you are ready for a change in life. Or if you are in the middle of change! Or skeptical about magic, or in need of a good laugh and a light time.

You’ll need some kind of “new” shoes. New in the sense of new shoes-shoes that you will wear everyday to walk into your new life, or flip-flops, slippers, something symbolic of new shoes. Also welcome, old worn shoes that you deem “like new”, who am I to say what are new shoes to you?

Contact me and we will set a date and by the light of the moon we’ll get your feet, those new shoes and you moving towards change!

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email: dd<@>laiguana.org