world water day

Today is world water day. And while I like wine, coffee and beer, I love water. I

a sign spotted in Spain, albeit in English

a sign spotted in Spain, albeit in English

drink at least 2 litres per day and probably more on days when I’m tied to the computer. I like the respite that water brings when I break to fill my glass or visit the loo.

I’m flexing my Spanish language muscle this year by occasionally translating short essays from a book I treasure: Children of the Days by Eduardo Galeano. It’s a practice to nudge me to read Spanish regularly and to stretch my own flexibility in my mother tongue – English. I am not a professional translator, nor do I aspire to be, I just like language! See, other translations here — walk on water, walking memory, and about the co-called new year.

Ahha, water. So when I saw in Galeano’s book that today is world water day, I thought, yes, I’ll tanslate that one. So here it is in italics below.

22 March, World Water Day (translatation exercise)

We come from water.

From water life sprouts. Rivers are the life blood which nuture the Earth, and our brain cells which allow us to think are made of water, as are the tears we cry, and our memories which we remember.

Human memory tell us that the deserts of today were the forests of yesterday and the world now dry remembers a wet world, in those long ago times when water and Earth belonged to noone and everyone.

Who possesses the water now? If i recall correctly that’s how the film 2001 – a space odyess began.

The monkey had the stick, and then the disarmed monkey died with a blow by the stick.

And sometime later, in 2009, a spaceship discovered water on the moon. And with this news plans for its conquest began.

Poor moon.

Mark Fried’s official translation

You’ll see his is better, and it should be, he’s a professional. Galeano’s original text at the end of this post.

official translation into English by Mark Fried

official translation into English by Mark Fried

water, a gift from Mother Nature

We just got our water bill in the post this week. It comes once or twice year, and is always

water:  a gift from Mother Nature polluted, captured and re-sold back to us

water: a gift from Mother Nature polluted, captured and re-sold back to us

a lot! £170 this time. On the one hand I understand paying the government for these water-related services. But on another level it seems so unjust and sympbolic of what’s wrong with this world. A gift from Mother Nature, polluted and captured by human beings and then re-sold back to us by a select few who control that resource.

Even more unsettling has been the rise of bottled water in the Global North, where our payments for public water services like the bill I have to pay, should ensure clean, safe drinking water from every  home’s tap.

Or what about the plight of millions in the Global South who don’t have access to clean drinking water? While we spend millions on defense, to protect us from some boogey-man out there, we could be spending that money on clean drinking water for all.

Water is life. Take back the tap! Drink and demand that your local water is clean and safe for you, and let that ripple forth ensuring we ALL have clean drinking water.

and the original

world water day -- Galeano's original text

world water day — Galeano’s original text

Want to know more?english_book_index

Short introduction to the book in English here


and 2010 film Even the Rain — a film about Columbus’s arrival in the so-called Americas and setting during the contemporary resistance to water privitisation in Bolivia


the story of bottled water (as mentioned above)


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