tic, toc

… tic, toc …

Today is Monday, 5 June 2017 and wow, the last post I made was 19 April.

Where has my time gone? I haven’t been blogging, so what have I been doing?

april & may

A good part of April and May were spent at Ecodharma Centre giving courses, or having meetings there, or in nearby Eroles. The “work” was successful in terms of people reached, plans made, projected checked-in on and quality time spent with people doing stuff other than work, like swapping poems, designing medicinal herbal gardens, walking rivers, and nightly cleaning the kitchen with conversations and shared silence in between. And the landscape.

A rich, stimulating past two months, lot of nose-to-the-grindstone hard work was done, but joyfully. I truly delight in my colleagues and my work.


home, sweet home

29_abrilabrazosImage-0003Returning home is always a pleasure too, and one of the best things about going away. So last week was my return week. I unpacked, dealt with the aftermath of the course and caught up on other work that had been set aside while I was away.

I also walked the dog loads, enjoyed sleeping in my bed, and eating lunch with my sweetie.

Now. This week I have to really get back to it, and pick up pace with my projects. At least once I hit publish, I can say “tick”, blog done!


image gallery

And so with that, propped up by the popular belief that picture tells a thousand stories — the rest of this post is an image essay. Mainly images that I began while away, which now too, urge me to finish them. I’ll put them near the top of my to do list. And we’ll see what happens.


There’s something going on with this series about “home” and feeling at home, both within the structure and within the body. And I notice in my heart, head and hand there’s more “home” to be painted.



life in the shadow of the seed

And these images. There’s something here about living life in the shadow of the seed, and all that is possible given the “right” conditions. There’s a poem here too, but it alludes me still.


r.i.p. Jess, rest in power, Jess

And rest in power, Jessica Davies. Jess was, among many things, coordinator of the UK Zapatista Translation Collective.  And she was my friend. I first met her outside of the Mexican Embassy in London. We were holding a day of the day remembrance vigil for those murdered by injustice in Mexico. It was November 2009. I saw her, until recently, at our twice a year Zapatista solidarity meetings, and then some times at events. I do translations for the collective. I’ll miss Jess in so many ways, and

Jess’s contribution here on Earth will also be missed but in some ways will continue. According to Mayan belief, one of the reason we bury our dead and Mayan heaven is here on Earth is so that way our elders continue to accompany and guide us on our struggle.

For those interested, here’s Jess, speaking about the role of nature and community well-being. For 26 years she was involved in the Cherry Tree Nursery, a commercial nursery staffed by people living with mental health issues.

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