sooner or later we all become flowers

tarde o temprano todos nos convertimos en flores

This series of paintings has its inspiration in my March 2018 trip to Mexico.

… reconnecting …

It was beautiful, moving, powerful and sad all at the same time to re-visit a place that has been and is so meaningful to me. But everything changes. And choices are made. And that’s life.

gifts from the ancestors

Past, Present. Future. It all changes while also staying the same. The ancestors leave us gifts to ensure we don’t forget. Yet amongst our inheritance are things that we don’t need. It’s up to us to decide what it’s time to pitch aside, and they have given us the gifts to know how to do it. If only we can remember.

treasury of light

No matter, our inheritance is with us forever. If we can remember and access our collective treasury of light, we join together many mighty specks of dust, and like a seed burst forth with enormous inner power. If only we can join the dots.

we do what we can

Meanwhile, let us keep on keeping on, doing all that we can do. Sooner or later we all become flowers.

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