clown 7two years of clown

check-in september 2019 to september 2021

“Pop Corn’s in the house, Pop Corn’s in the house!

Pop, pop! Pop, pop!”

En casita con Palomitas, en casita con Palomitas!

¡Totopoca, totopoca!

Hello people! Pop Corn here!

Thank you for stopping by. It’s been a long time since there was a clown post in English. So, yahoo! Finally, here’s one.

And let’s celebrate that it’s been two years since Dd (the everyday person with whom I share body and mind) started seriously training up to let her barriers down and let me fully express myself.

See, above? I even have my own trademark song, of course in English and Spanish, and let’s not forget the classic which I also recognize as a personal source of inspiration and energy.

Yipppeee flipping ki-yay!

That’s a big deal.

Everyone in touch with their inner clown knows what I am talking about. And I include all those people who dance and sing like fools at home when they think no one is watching, but yet don’t self-identify as clowns. Come on, join the club! We are good company.

translation: We all have a clown inside of us.

being called to clown

Dd here.

And I am in complete agreement with what Pop Corn says and I add serious and enormous amounts of heartfelt gratitude to her for being in my life.

Two years have gone by since I discovered this wonderful clown that I am slowly and deliberately letting completely absorb my life. Or at least more so than before, when I was fairly oblivious to her existence.

Clowning has passed from a pastime or an interesting tool for my other work, to feeling called to use my clown powers in service of the community some how. I don’t yet have a name for what it is I’ll do or how, and since I have never done anything like this before, that seems reasonable.

And also I trust Pop Corn knows how and what to do. I have to simply pay attention.

Of all the clown traditions I have learned about so far, the sacred clown is the one that most resonates with me. Pop Corn later confirmed, it is indeed her heritage.

translation: Me and my family tree

I feel blessed to know what it is I would like to do with the next phase of my life. And since I don’t have current steady employment, I even avoid the torment of doubt and worry that typically comes with making these sorts of big decisions: do I dare make the leap and leave my job to pursue this dream?

Essential clown: Find the bright side in everything.

Being with my clown makes me come alive and practically, it makes my life much easier, richer, fuller, more connected to everything. I would like for everyone to have that, or their own version of clown living-feeling-fully-ness.

I see clown work as a next step or an extension of the work I have done over the years with people and communities in formal and informal settings demanding justice, building peace and working together to create a world where many different worlds fit.

But how the heck am I going to make a living doing that? Set up a clown consultancy, advertise and take my services to the street?

I don’t know, but I have to start some where and since that’s what occurs to me, I guess I will start there. And as I try things I will figure out my plan.

One thing I am very clear about: I need a plan. With a plan, at least I know if I am on track, or deviating from the plan, or not doing what I planned. With a plan, I can then assess, adjust and self-inquire about why. And still, hopefully, keep moving towards my goal.

There’s something I read once that really stayed with me, “Hope for change without a plan is just hopeless in action.” Brutal, huh? I don’t entirely believe that, after all spontaneity is essential to clown, but on some levels, like life-planning, I agree. A plan is a good, if not essential idea.

social incubator

But little ole me?! Even with Pop Corn’s help, I worry about being about to get this all together AND seeing it through a source of income.

So super lucky for me that starting next week I am taking part in a 12-week course business course organized by the “Asociación con valores“.

There are weekly classes given by people in the private sector who volunteer their time to teach us about how to set up a small business. We also have a small cohort of classmates working on similar projects, mentors and all sorts of technical and practical advice about how to set up a business.

I am in the Art group – Ceramics, Circus, Dance, and Painting with three other people working on arts-based employment projects.

Fanstastic, right!?

Yep, I hope your whooping for me. I sure was when I got the news.

It wasn’t easy getting in. From over 100 on-line applicants, they chose 60 to do phone interviews and then they further reduced the group to hold two large group interviews and a personal interview. I feel privileged and honored to be invited on the course.

It crossed my path at just the right moment. Pop Corn and I have studied our neighborhoods, observed life at large and thought a lot about the kind of “social work” that she is being called to do.

Now it’s time for action! But, honestly, truly how do I do that AND earn money?!

I am very excited about this next chapter of clown life, let’s call it Autumn Clown 2021, and extremely grateful to S. who introduced me to the Asociacion con valores and I anticipate that I will be extremely grateful to the program as well.

Watch this space, more on this as it unfolds.

For now, thanks for reading and I hope things are going well for you too.

2 thoughts on “clown 7

  1. Congratulations Popcorn/DD! I’m happy for you! I hope this course works for you. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of it. Fingers and dog paws crossed. Xxx

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