year in review 2021

new tradition?

Last year I published for the first time an end of year art review. Owing to the pandemic I had been particularly productive. This year I have been less productive, but innovative for me. See my post about stickering in my neighborhood and some day I will tell you about my graffiti adventures.

My practice is self-taught and I do it for myself, for self-expression, for fun. Some paintings I really like, and I think you might too.

Anyhow, it’s end of year again, and I had interesting feedback last year, so I will share again and see what happens. Here are the ones I chose for 2021.

humanity’s blanket

Humanity’s blanket

Drawn in the summer when I was writing the post home ground 3 about the first women’s rights convention in the US in 1848. I think of the design as a blanket embracing all of humanity. The colors also feel summery, and now it’s wintery, so I place this one first to give today’s gray backdrop a shot of color.

inspiration, motivation, visual reminder

According to my sketch book, this image is from January. Can you decipher the message I am trying to get across?

One answer is: 24-7, creative routine. See the red “C” and the outline of a crescent moon? Well “C” or similarly, a sliver of red nose. Yep, just one of those little perky signs I make for myself to keep me on task.

Do you interpret something else? Let me know.


Also during the year, a fleeting yet reoccurring interest in bird imagery. In fact I know I know I have more of these birds in me. The beach one from January suggests I sensed some kind of change was afoot this year and “Evelyn” is possibly my favorite piece ever.

bring on the clowns!

Clown, clown clown. It was hard to choose. I closed my eyes and picked three images. And then added one more to make four!

archetypes as a life map

These images are based on Caroline Myss’s teachings about archetypes and her cards. The image on the left is shape-shifter and, the right is teacher. As you may know, I am in the process of re-inventing my life. Yes, yes, I know. Change is an on-going process, but I am in an intense and deliberate period right now. I am eager to see what happens!

Archetypes as a tool for divining life’s path have been enlightening and reassuring for me. If anything, they helped me know myself better. I gained a sense of permission “to be”, a sense of “well that’s how I am suppose to be”. I will share more about them soon.

in progress

The first painting is unfinished, but I think it will be a favorite, so I include it. The three are about trying to become more connected to my inner mother.

dinuart atelier

Dinuart Atelier

A piece that is finished but representing something in the process of becoming: Dinuart Atelier. I am eager to see how this turns out too!

good bye ox (2021) and hello …

2021 year of the ox

Do you know the story of the Chinese new year and what animal is next year? The 2022 animal is tiger! And while I wouldn’t put this tiger image on my favorite list, my tiger dream earlier this year was powerful and something that still crosses my mind. And for that reason, tiger gets a place in my end of year gallery.

Tiger, tiger, power, power!

Thanks for reading and looking. Let me know if any of the images speak to you, or your thoughts. I appreciate it and I’m curious.

And happy end of year silly season, I hope you and everyone you love is safe and well.

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