stars 2

My 2015 star for the ‘following the star‘ Chatsworth Road community art


2015 integrtiy, hope, action

project continues my theme from last year:  stars for social change!

This year’s stars are for the past, present and future, and for integrity, hope and action for a better world. The companion story for integrity, hope and action is forth-coming.



2014 Zapatista Our Lady of Guadalupe

This year we all made star theme art pieces using blank canvases.

Last year’s material was used bicycle tyres donated by now closed Caballos Cycles on Chatsworth Road. My 12 December Our Lady of Guadalupe tyre had a Zapatista theme, which I then linked to the Zapatista story about why we have hope on Earth.


Caballos Cycles 2014

Last year I worried how my relatively delicate laminated paper, glass beads and shiny plastic paper art piece suspended with fishing line inside


Follow the star 2014

the tyre would survive the month on the wall outside the kebab shop. Wind. Rain. Snow. Cold. For a month.



The report is not only did the piece withstand the outside advent exhibition, and the comparatively more benign environment behind Lynda’s couch for 7 months, it was for a while an adornment inside the boat, and then we found some rope, it is now back outside.



A boat? Yes a boat. We have lived in Hackney for 10 years, but 6 months ago, we moved abaord a narrow boat on the River Lea.


exploring beyond Hackney

It’s a temporary experiment. In February 2016 we’re moving to Valencia, Spain.

So I won’t be taking part next year, but I’ll still follow the star

Hasta Pronto.

Happy end of year festive season and best wishes for 2016.


Belsham Street, Glyn Road and … Home sweet Hackney



We moved on board in August 2015.

Read about Oscar’s life on board and elsewhere.

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