oscar up-date july 2017

As you may know, Oscar (the dog) is now 13 years old and 4 months, that’s something like 91 in human years.



He is fine, yet also in a healthy, steady, decline. The eighty-something steps up to our first flat in Valencia a year ago? There is no way he could do that now.




trim and tidy, and living within The System


… and he keeps his UK passport until BREXIT is finalised

Since Oscar was last featured in this blog in March 2016, he has done his paperwork and has his Valencian companion animal passport, olé!




He’s had several hair cuts, and equal rounds of before and after portraits. In June, the groomer found a lump on his butt, which the vet then checked out. It turned out to be a very messy lump, but thankfully, benign.



Ever since his first dips in Mexico City fountains, he’s always loved a cooling fountain (or mud puddle), especially one where he can touch the bottom. Today he still enjoys a dip now and when he can. Last summer he regularly swam in this small pond. He hasn’t yet tried this year, as he hasn’t been able to walk that far to the park.

He’s also a big fan of country rivers and canals. Most water actually, with the exception of the bath.




Ball-playing has always been a favourite of Oscar’s too. Ball-playing in water even better!

playball_oscarseniorBut he had a herniated disc a few weeks back, so playing ball is a wee bit off limits as it could entail sudden and awkward movements. But we are playing hide the treat next to the hidden ball, and he seems to like that.


herniated disc

We are very relieved he recovered his ability to walk, because well otherwise, I’m not really sure what we’d do ….


I found him shortly after he’d collapsed, and got him medical attention. Recovery required 24-hour enforced bed rest for three days and then as little activity as possible for about two weeks.

Oscar’s hanging in there, but it is a marker in the decline of his health, and his walking is much more unsteady and less sustained than before .


in general

He has good days, and he has bad days, just like all elderly creatures. He sleeps a lot. It’s summer now, and he doesn’t seem very interested in eating much, but does enough to keep going, and his water-drinking seems fine.


I let him lead on the walks, and no longer count on him being able o cover several blocks and stops doing errands like, the green grocers, the bakery, post office, ….

And that’s OK, he knows how far and long he wants to walk. Some days that’s a good bit, and I can really see the proverbial ‘spring in his step’. Other days, it’s more like a defeated swagger and ‘nope, let me do my business and go home to take a nap.’

Either way, I am extremely grateful he’s still here with us, and in relative good health. My heart breaks for him the days I see him struggling to walk or his digestion is upset.

fan_oscar1332And this brings us back to the present moment, and this Oscar up-date. Today so far, has been a good-walking day. Now he’s napping in front of the fan, and all is well!




woof love forever

This post is in celebration of another dog-friend, Ginger. She was here too briefly, but we are all glad she was.

Rest in Peace, Ginger. Woof love forever.


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